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One of the most important stages  in the creation of a web application consist in choosing the right name for the website, the technologies used and the analysis of the competition in order to be sure that you address the group of target customers. Neo Cube offers also consultancy for choosing a fine visual identity that will represent your business. A good design offers credibility in front of the customers.


Web Page creation - depending on your ideas, your budget and your target customers. We project, design pages w/o frames, JavaScript inserts, special forum pages, guestbook, search inside, sitemap.

Individual web design - websites with spectacular look created with DHTML, CSS, graphics, tables, buttons, Flash.

Redesign of an existing website - you already own a site but you are not pleased with it or you don't have the time to modify it?  We can modify and change the website according to your choice.

Website actualization
- we can modify, add, insert data depending on your demand.


A CMS is a complex application that supports the creation and management of website content (text, pictures, audio files, and video). The speed and the complexity of the evolving websites have lead to the necessity of an efficient and automated system for content management. By choosing the right CMS you benefit from following advantages:


possibility to add new services and products in the existing website;


the information offered is always "fresh";


the grown scalability;


lower the time needed to modify the website content and the propagation of changes among the whole site.


We offer e-commerce (e-shop) solutions both individual (unique solutions created for every customer) and using open source solutions, to witch we add layout integration, installing and configuration of the shop, new modules (if needed) and online payment solutions integration (invoice, credit card). For the individual e-commerce solutions we also create the customer side interface (personalized layout) and the administration interface in witch we integrate modules for product, socks, orders, and users. To all these we can add the online payment methods integration, mailing lists to the users, newsletters and any other module asked by the customer.


An image says more than a thousand words. An image animation reaches faster the target customers and it's easier to remember. Neo Cube offers multimedia presentation creation in witch we combine presentations or flash animations with different images, graphics and sound files.



Corporate identity is the answer to questions such as... Who are we? What do we want? What do we do and for whom? What distinguishes us from the competitor?
The purpose of the Corporate Identity is mostly to contrast with possible competitors and to gain competitive advantages by a positive image.
The Corporate design contain the creation of a company logo, the definition of company colors and the choice of the motto.


Optimization and marketing services:

optimization of the website in order to fit the demands of search engines and portals - modifying the HTML code
indexing in main international and romanian search engines
indexing in main international and romanian portals
reciprocal link building with websites in the same domain of activities
monitor the number of visitors and creation of evolution reports

Advertisement through banners displayed on different sites

Mail campaigns and newsletters creation for your website visitors and your customers.

Our firm does not promote the websites using spam - the link submission in search engines, directories and portals is made manually.

Website maintaining in the first pages of the search engines.

Periodical check of your website state (online/offline, broken links)
Checking the position of your website in the search engines (Page Rank)
Periodical reports creation
Re-submitting the website to the search engine and portals and changing the keywords (if necessary).

A positive image combined with credibility and trustworthiness are the base for your business success. Our team offers the concept and design for your specific requirements. New visual identities originate in the intensive dialog between designers and customers. The more we get to know, the more exactly we can visualize the personality of a business or the message of a brand.
We look after your web site - from the name choosing, webhosting, web design and up to search engine optimization. Neo Cube makes sure that you are existent not only on the Internet, but also that your business is found.

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